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Written specifically for PA’s by PA faculty, PAEasy is your best weapon in preparing for certification and recertification. Features include:

  • More than 1,200 questions with detailed answer explanations
  • Three unique testing modes: an untimed practice mode, a timed exam, and a simulated test that replicates the official test and its conditions
  • Targeted readings from the Lange library on AccessMedicine, identified by your performance
  • The ability to compare your scores to others PAEasy users

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What Our Users Say...

"I just wanted to thank you for providing this service to all of us that needed this extra assistance in passing the PANCE certifying exam..."

- Zachary Kile, SA-C/PA-C

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What's New | 8/20/2013

Personal Study Plan

PAEasy now includes a Personal Study Plan feature, which will support your test preparation and allow you to progress according to plan. Personal Study Plan will help you to outline and schedule your studies as well as setting and achieving your goals. As you design your study plan, you will be able to specify a testing mode and topics, a date range and blackout dates, an intensity level, and an email alert cycle.

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About PAEasy Lite

McGraw-Hill has relaunched RadRevEasy on a new, more robust platform....

RadRevEasy Lite provides AccessMedicine users with access to 25% of the RadRevEasy question bank and a limited subset of testing functionalities. Upgrade to a full subscription and enjoy the following RadRevEasy features:

  • Access to the full RadRevEasy question bank
  • Take exams in Practice Mode, Exam Mode, or RadRevEasy Simulation Mode
  • Customize your exams by selecting questions by discipline, organ system, or setting
  • Create exams of only unanswered or incorrectly answered questions
  • Learn from personalized Lange reading list selected based on your weakest topics
  • Access to the detailed Performance Profile to track your exam results over time